Permits and ApplicationsPermit Requirements
A building permit gives you, your insurance company, your neighbors and the residents of GLP the assurance that specific minimum standards are met in constructing, altering, or repairing your home by complying with the CT State Building Code. These standards are based on well-established health, safety, and environmental considerations intended to protect the integrity of the buildings, safety of inhabitants, and the welfare of the public. 

Permit Fees 
Permit Fees per $1000
Building Inspection Schedule
Inspection Requirements

Insurance Requirements:  The general insurance requirements for a contractor to do business with the GLPA are: 
  • Contractors Certificate of Insurance (COI) name the GLP Association as an additional insured for Liability.
  • Any contract between the contractor and the GLP Association specifically state the following: "Contractor shall provide the GLP Association, Inc. with the required Certificate of Insurance (COI) and shall name the GLP Association, Inc. as an additional insured for Liability."