Resilience Committee (Ad Hoc)

Groton Long Point Association

Climate Resiliency & Sustainability Plan

The Association has been reviewing the potential impacts of climate change on Groton Long Point including vulnerability to sea level rise, coastal flooding and catastrophic weather events such as hurricanes. The Board, in cooperation with the Ad Hoc GLP Resilience Committee (GLPRC), has engaged GZA GeoEnvironmental to conduct a vulnerability assessment and develop a climate resilience plan for the Association. GZA is a reputable national firm with experience assisting many local communities with similar efforts. GZA has been provided the results of the survey we conducted last fall for awareness of member sentiment and areas of concern.

GZA scientists are working with the GLPRC through early fall to collect data relating to assets and hazards, perform a vulnerability assessment, conduct forums for Association members and prepare a report. The output of these efforts will include an inventory of vulnerable infrastructure and natural resources within GLP, a clear understanding of specific climate impacts on GLP, a prioritized list of projects that will improve the resiliency of GLP and identification of resources for assistance in funding such projects.

Association membership participation is essential to these efforts. Two public workshops were held this summer with a strong attendance at each.  

GZA provided a Climate Resiliency Plan.  The Executive Summary for this plan can be found here.