Facilities Director is responsible for the physical properties at GLP: The Casino, Police Station, Fire Station, Gazebo, and Public Works Garage. Properties are updated, maintained, heated, cleaned, and repaired under the Director’s direction. 

The director of Beaches, Docks, and Lagoons is responsible for the general upkeep and management of these areas. This includes management and the assignment of Groton Long Point Association owned dock spaces, moorings, and pilings for members of the Association.

The GLP Director of Parks & Recreation is responsible for the general upkeep of the GLP green areas and recreation facilities such as the tennis courts and putting green, and mosquito abatement.
GLP recreational facilities, including the tennis courts, are for the exclusive use of GLP Association members and guests, and are not open to the public. 

The GLP Director of Public Safety oversees the security and safety of Association members, their guests, and their property.  The Police Department, the Fire Department, and the Life Guards are the principal entities involved in this operation.

Public Works takes care of road maintenance, drainage, paving, traffic control, snow removal, trash pick up and maintaining Association rights of way and other paths. 

The GLP Water Commission is responsible for ensuring the delivery of high-quality drinking water to residents, via well-maintained piping networks, at the lowest possible cost.