Conservation Commission

Who we are:

The Groton Long Point Conservation Commission is comprised of seven members.  Our current members are Karen Wolfskehl and Mark White (Co-Chairs,)  Bob TenEyck; Carol TenEyck; Deann Murphy; l and Katie Newell and Mary Kay Pappas.  Members, past and present, are responsible for protecting open spaces, maintaining Conservation open spaces, educating members of our community about our environment and conservation issues, and community outreach.  

Since its inception, the Conservation Commission has included dedicated, hard working members of our community who care deeply about GLP and the environment.

Role of Conservation Commission:

The Groton Long Point Conservation Commission was created 1969 as a resolution of the Association.  At that time, it was recognized that the natural open space and coastal resources we enjoy were vulnerable in the face of development pressures.  The Conservation Commission was established for the oversight and protection of these resources and for providing guidance and recommendations to the Board of Directors of the association for the continued best use of land with respect to, and for, the environment.

In two separate acts by the Zoning Commission, all of the lands of Groton Long Point were districted into areas for either residential, commercial, or conservation use.  The Zoning Map of the Groton Long Point Association, Inc. of 1993 shows that roughly one-half of its total land area, approximately 110 acres, is designated as Conservation District.  This land includes inland wetlands and upland areas that collectively encompass most of the natural and open space resources of GLP.

Some of the projects completed by the Conservation Commission:

Osprey Habitat
Nature Trail
GLP Butterfly Garden
Whale Rock
Conservation Corner Bulletin Board
Joe Devine Riviera enhancements