Beaches & Docks

The Director of Beaches, Docks, and Lagoons, is responsible for the general upkeep and management of these areas. This includes management and the assignment of Groton Long Point Association owned dock spaces, moorings, and pilings for members of the Association.

Docks:  If you are an Association member and are interested in renting a dock, mooring or piling, please email  To be placed on the wait list for a dock spot, please complete this form and return to with a check for $100:
PO Box 3737
GLP, CT 06340

The lagoon is a no wake zone (this applies to all watercraft - including boats and jet skis).  There is a boat ramp at end of Atlantic Ave for residents to use but it is recommended to time use for high tide.

Swim buoys are located on Main, South & East Beaches motorized watercraft are not allowed inside these buoys. 

Beach Ordinances & Etiquette: 
  • Four (4) chairs per property (labeled with property owner name and address) may be stacked against the seawalls at Main & South Beaches. 
  • Remove all personal items at the end of each day: towels, clothing, toys, rafts, etc.
  • All approved small boats need GLPA Permit (see detail below). 
  • All chairs, boats and other items must be removed by October 15th. 
  • No alcoholic beverages on the beach. 
  • No glass containers on the beach as they may be broken and create a health hazard. 
  • No pets on the boardwalk or beach year round
  • No bicycles, roller skates or skateboards on the Main Beach boardwalk year-round.  
  • No storage of board boats, kayaks or windsurfers between the swim lines on the beaches. No boats, paddleboards, etc within the floating swim lines as safety for swimmers.  

Policy for Storing Boats on Association Shore Line

  • All boats stored, or moored in permissible Association areas shall be registered annually and display a current permit (sticker) issued by the GLPA.
  • Permits are available to GLPA property owners only (permits are not available to renters), and a description of the boat (sailfish, laser, sunfish, paddleboard,kayak etc.) and color are to be identified when applying for your permit.
  • Boats may only be stored in designated areas between Memorial Day and October 15th
  • Each property is entitled to up to 2 permits per year 
    • One primary permit to be used on any Association shoreline property. (no fee)
    • One secondary permit is for use on any Association shoreline property except for Main & South Beach. (Additional access points include the sides of the Atlantic and Bridge Fire Lanes, Island Circle, North Beach and East Beach.) ($50 fee for secondary permit)
  • All boats need to be stored and operated outside of the areas delineated as life guarded swim area on Main & South Beach. Only flat bottomed boats maybe stored on Main and South Beach and need to be placed against the seawall.
  • Failure to store or moor boats appropriately, in the designated time frame, or without a valid permitted sticker will result in your boat being removed.
  • The Groton Long Point Association, Inc. shall not be responsible for any damage, theft, or loss to any boat stored, moored, or removed from Association property. Boats removed may be reclaimed by contacting the Director of Docks, Beaches & Lagoons or his/her designee.

Questions? Contact: George Brys, Vice President of Beaches, Docks & Lagoons,