Water Commission

The GLP Water Commission was established by state legislature to ensure the delivery of high-quality drinking water to residents, via well-maintained piping networks, at the lowest possible cost. Management of the Water Commission is the responsibility of three commissioners, each of whom is certified by the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Additionally, the Water Commission clerk is responsible for maintaining financial data, among other duties.


Mike Flynn, Chair email: water@glpct.org
Rick Bonner, Commissioner. 
Lanny Walker, Superintendent & Commissioner. 

Water Quality: 
The 2023 Consumer Confidence Report for Groton Long Point can be found here:  www.glpct.org/docs/2023_Consumer_Confidence_Report-Groton_Long_Point_6-3-24.pdf

Water Billing:

The Commission issues water bills to GLP property owners by July 1st of each year and is due by September 1st. Questions about bills can be directed to Association office at 860-536-4736

Responding to Resident Emergencies and Other Inquiries
Please contact the Water Commission Superintendent or a Commissioner when water emergencies such as lack of service or water leaks arise. They can help you determine if the problem lies with Association piping or homeowner piping. If the issue is with homeowner piping, the Water Commission has contractors on call that can shut the water supply to a residence until the homeowner can make repairs. Note that “curb stop” valve access is typically located in the street or near the street in front of each house on GLP.
Water Commission staff are also ready to assist GLP residents with any information concerning the water supply. Water quality measurements are sent out annually. Note that the Commission is responsible for potable or drinking water only. Questions regarding storm water drainage should be directed to the GLP Public Works Department. Questions regarding sewer water drainage should be directed to Groton Utilities.

Water supply infrastructure maintenance and repair:
The Commission maintains up-to-date information such as age, material, and size on all underground water supply piping, valves, and related components.  This information helps to forecast and schedule maintenance activities to help minimize water service interruptions to residents. Needed repair work is performed by licensed contractors with Water Commission oversight.