Centennial Committee

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Centennial Fall 2020 Newsletter - Read here

A call for GLP Photos! Please email GLPCentennial@gmail.com, with the appropriate subject line or email the contact below.
Here is what we need: 
Historical Photos: Parts of GLP History - Please email Valerie Gange- gange@comcast.net If there is a historical write up to go with the photos please email: Jon Fuller he may want the written part for the Historic Centennial Book - Jon.Fuller@ADP.com
Family Photos: Please email Valerie Gange -gange@comcast.net
Art Photography: A view of GLP from GLPers - Please email Sarah Coldwell- scoldwell@gmail.com  

To order a Centennial Postcard Calendar, see the instructions on our news page: 

Goal: For every household in GLP to participate at some sponsorship level.  

The Centennial fundraising campaign is to raise $100,000 for two commemorative projects – a Multi-Purpose Shade Pavilion and Clark Hall renovation.  
Shade Pavilion by the Adult Tennis Courts/Bocce Court
Estimated cost: $41K

Clark Hall Upgrades
Estimated Cost: $47K

Participation Needed:
  • Many Centennial Projects are in progress some of which are commemorative, while others will be for fundraising.  Projects include centennial flags, a 100th year history book, a coffee table book, calendar, digital presentation, 100th year medallion. Planning for 2021 Centennial Celebrations in progress.  
  • Centennial Memories Coffee Table Book: In honor of our Centennial Celebration in 2021, we are collecting memories, stories, artwork, poems and photos to potentially be included in a coffee table book. The intention of this book is to be a collective creative expression of all our wonderful Groton Long Point. We cannot promise every entry will make it into the book, but we will do our best! 

    If you have a photograph, artwork, poem, short favorite memory, or "why I Love GLP" write up, a child's drawing, we would love to consider it for entry in this collection.   All entries must be original. Please fill out this form below for entry.  Submission Form: https://forms.gle/cvTxG6VeHUtiBEm29 
  • Share your time  talent, and ideas with the Centennial Committee members. Questions please email us at: glpcentennial@gmail.com

Centennial Committee:
Kimberly LaLima - Chairperson
Sarah Coldwell                      David Cruthers                       Deborah Ferriter            Jon Fuller
Valerie Gange                        Ann Marie Lafayette               Lesley Mahoney             Katharine Miller           
Katie O’Leary                         Tenley Prince                          Beckett Rodgers             Eric Simpson